§ 1 Validity of the conditions
  • shop.gisgmbh.ch is an internet platform of the company GIS Global IT Service GmbH from Seon.
  • Sales, invoicing, warranty processing, business conditions, etc. are thus all based on the GIS Global IT Service GmbH registered in the Swiss Commercial Register.
  • The deliveries, services and offers of GIS Global IT Service GmbH are made exclusively on the basis of these terms and conditions, even if they are not expressly agreed again. By ordering the goods or services, these conditions are considered accepted. Deviations from these terms and conditions are only effective if we confirm them in writing.
§ 2 Offer and conclusion of contract
  • The information in the WebShop does not constitute a binding offer, but an invitation to make an offer to the customer. Article designations. Article designations and descriptions as well as photos and illustrations serve as illustrations and are not contractual. After the order has been placed, the customer receives an order confirmation from GIS Global IT Service GmbH. This does not automatically lead to a contract. GIS Global IT Service GmbH checks the orders received within a reasonable time. It may refuse orders without giving reasons or offer alternative products or prices to the customer. Only with the order confirmation by GIS Global IT Service GmbH the contract is concluded.
  • GIS Global IT Service GmbH does not buy goods directly abroad (no self-import) - only products from Swiss distributors and importers are distributed.
§ 3 Prices
  • Decisive are the prices stated in our order confirmation or invoice. Prices in the shop and automatic order confirmation may differ in very rare exceptional cases or be given incorrectly, as these are automatically integrated and calculated. If this is the case with an ordered article, the customer will be contacted by us and the further procedure agreed. - Cancellation / money back is then of course possible in such a case without further notice.
  • The prices in the shop are net including SWICO and VAT, but unless otherwise agreed, plus transport costs and packaging. These (postage costs) are automatically calculated on the basis of the weight and displayed before the order is sent.
§ 4 Delivery and service time
  • Dates and delivery times are not binding, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The specification of specific delivery times and delivery dates by GIS Global IT Service GmbH is subject to the correct and timely delivery of GIS Global IT Service GmbH by suppliers, distributors and importers.
  • The delivery time for prepayment orders is about 1-3 working days after receipt of payment or after the confirmation of the cover for credit card payment. Provided the goods are available immediately.
  • The delivery time for orders against invoice is about 1-3 working days. Provided the goods are available immediately.
  • The delivery time for orders by cash on delivery is about 2-5 working days. Provided the goods are available immediately.
  •  In the case of not accepted COD deliveries, the resulting shipping costs will be charged.
§ 5 Acceptance delay
  • If the buyer refuses to accept the delivery items after an order has expired or a deadline set, GIS Global IT Service GmbH can refuse the fulfillment of the contract and the costs for non-fulfillment in the amount of the actual damage incurred to demand from the buyer.
§ 6 Delivery
  • Visible differences in quantity must be reported to GIS Global IT Service GmbH and the carrier immediately upon receipt of goods, hidden differences in quantity within 2 days after receipt of the goods. Complaints regarding damage, delay, loss or bad packaging must be reported immediately after receipt of the consignment. Transport damage must be reported immediately, immediately after the arrival of the post office, DHL or the respective courier.
§ 7 Transfer of risk
  • The risk passes to the buyer as soon as the consignment has been handed over to the person carrying out the transport. If the shipment is delayed or becomes impossible without our fault, the risk passes to the buyer with the notification of readiness for shipment. An assumption of transport costs by GIS Global IT Service GmbH agreed in individual cases has no influence on the transfer of risk.
§ 8 Warranty
  • The goods must be checked immediately upon receipt for transport damage. In the event of damage in transit, you must immediately contact the respective delivery service, which has delivered the delivery. Incorrectly ordered or incorrectly delivered goods must be notified within 3 days of receipt and returned immediately unopened.
  • As part of the manufacturer's warranty, GIS Global IT Service GmbH guarantees that the products are free of manufacturing and material defects. The warranty in accordance with the following provisions is at least 1 year, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing or guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • The warranty period begins on the date of delivery. If our operating or maintenance instructions are not followed, changes made, parts replaced or consumables used that do not meet the original specifications, then no warranty, as far as the defect is attributable to it. This also applies, as far as the defect is due to improper use, storage and handling of the equipment, or foreign intervention and the opening of equipment. Insignificant deviations from warranted characteristics of the goods do not give rise to any warranty rights.
  • A liability for normal wear and tear is excluded.
  • Warranty claims against GIS Global IT Service GmbH are only available to the direct purchaser and are not assignable.
  • We do not guarantee software installations on pre-installed PCs, notebooks etc. No warranty claims can be asserted for software errors or malfunctions.
  • Guarantee grants GIS Global IT Service GmbH only as far as they are subsequently taken over by the supplier or manufacturer. If the manufacturer or supplier of GIS Global IT Service GmbH does not recognize an article as a guarantee, GIS Global IT Service GmbH will not provide any services under warranty.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the defective parts / devices are replaced or repaired by equivalent ones.
  • There is no right of recovery of the purchase price on the part of the purchaser due to a warranty claim, provided that the equipment is repaired by the manufacturer free of charge or replaced by an equivalent one.
  • There is no right to claim damages resulting from the use of the defective product.
§ 9 Returns / Returns
  • For repairs or warranties, we require that the defective part or device with enclosed error description and a copy of the invoice, with which the device was delivered to GIS Global IT Service GmbH for repair or warranty service sent or delivered. Deliverycosts has to be paid by costomer.
  • The replacement of parts, assemblies or entire devices no new warranty periods come into force. The warranty is limited exclusively to the repair or replacement of the damaged delivery items. When returning the equipment to be repaired, the purchaser must ensure that the data on it are backed up with copies, as these can be lost during repair work. Guarantee grants GIS Global IT Service GmbH only insofar as it can be passed on to the respective manufacturer or supplier of GIS Global IT Service GmbH.
  • Incorrectly ordered goods must be returned within 2 days in unopened original packaging. Please also let us know by email immediately if you have sent something back. We have the importer a massive time pressure to be able to return things - officially there is no right of return in Switzerland. (only for phone and door sales)
  • In the case of non-accepted COD deliveries, a fee of at least 45.- or the amount of the damage / expense incurred will be charged.
  • As long as an item is in arrears and delivery has not yet taken place, the order can be canceled at any time. Without fees.
  • Already paid orders / items are then fully refunded. For payments by credit card or Postfinance interface, the amount is always debited immediately - even if the item is in arrears. We have no influence on the time of the debit because the payment process takes place directly encrypted at Telekurs or Postfinance.
§ 10 Retention of title
  • The delivered goods remain the property of GIS Global IT Service GmbH until full payment.
§ 11 Payment
  • Depending on the agreement, the invoices are payable in advance, cash on delivery or in cash, unless otherwise agreed. The delivery is basically unfree, i. at the expense of the buyer by parcel post, freight forwarder or own vehicle, unless otherwise agreed.
  • A payment is deemed to be made only when we can dispose of the amount. Checks are not accepted.
  • If the buyer is in default, we are entitled to charge interest at the rate of 10% from the relevant date. During the duration of the delay, GIS Global IT Service GmbH is also entitled at any time to withdraw from the contract, to reclaim the delivered goods and to demand compensation for the forfeiture of the contract.
  • All claims are due immediately if the customer is in default of payment, culpably fails to comply with other essential obligations under the contract or if we become aware of circumstances that are likely to reduce the customer's creditworthiness, in particular cessation of payments, pending settlement or bankruptcy proceedings. In these cases, we are entitled to retain any outstanding deliveries or to execute them only against advance payment or securities.
§ 12 Limitation of Liability
  • Claims for damages due to impossibility of performance, breach of contract, culpa in contrahendo and tort, are excluded both against us, and against our vicarious agents, unless intentional or grossly negligent action. Every liability, as far as legally possible, is rejected. Any liability for consequential damage resulting from the use of the products is rejected.