PROFFIX AdressverwaltungAddress management is at the heart of PROFFIX. Here, all information about customers, suppliers, employees and other contacts are recorded centrally and are then available for queries at any time. At the same time, every step can be controlled from here. But address management also provides you with the foundation for proactive customer care. If you are already using an address management program when purchasing PROFFIX, you can easily synchronize the data with PROFFIX.

  • Unlimited number of addresses and contacts per address
  • Direct search in TwixTel with the simplest data transfer
  • Note and alarm function



PROFFIX Artikel- und Lagerverwaltung

The article and warehouse management of PROFFIX allows you a modern warehouse management. For example, bills of materials, batches, product bundles and serial number articles as well as pictures, notes and documents such as manuals can be managed in multiple languages. You always have an overview of your inventories and prices and the ability to determine what product information employees and customers should receive. However, you can only maintain a simple article master and use it efficiently in order processing.

  • Unlimited number of articles multilingual manage
  • Management of storage location and storage location
  • Different price for each article



PROFFIX Auftragsbearbeitung

In order processing by PROFFIX, all data is entered using the same template from the quotation to invoicing. As a result, the order documents of each customer can be immediately surveyed, recurring orders can be executed quickly and important information can be called up at any time. For example, it is immediately possible to see which products the customer uses on which conditions, which orders are still open and which deliveries have already been billed. The order processing directly accesses the article and warehouse management, whereby prices and available quantities can be queried without having to change the module.

  • Management of offers, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, credits and self-defined document types
  • Fast entry via short input keys
  • Bill expression and design with ESR



PROFFIX Debitorenbuchhaltung

The PROFFIX accounts receivable accounting is identical to the structure of the PROFFIX financial accounting system and offers the same booking mask. It supports companies to manage their debtors efficiently and to lead a professional reminder system. At the push of a button, the corresponding reminder letters can be printed and sent by e-mail or post. The customer receipts and payments are posted directly to Financial Accounting and numerous lists provide important information about customers and their payment practices and revenues.

  • Entry of customer receipts or transfer from other modules
  • Flexible management of payment terms and due dates
  • Dunning with variable levels and selection criteria



PROFFIX Kreditorenbuchhaltung

The PROFFIX accounts payable system is identical to the one used by the PROFFIX financial accounting system and offers the same booking mask. It allows you to easily capture the supplier invoice and help you settle the invoices due, taking into account discounts and other deductions. Transmission to financial institutions is carried out using the PROFFIX Option E-Banking directly from PROFFIX or by file.

  • Flexible management of payment terms and maturities
  • Possibility to use e-bills from PostFinance and SIX PayNet
  • Transfers directly from PROFFIX or per file (DTA, EPO)



PROFFIX Finanzbuchhaltung

Financial accounting is at the heart of PROFFIX. All accounting-relevant data and information from order processing, accounts receivable and accounts payable as well as from article and warehouse management are automatically transferred to the financial accounting of PROFFIX. Here, inputs and outputs can be recorded just as easily as information on open items and sales can be retrieved and the VAT invoice created.

  • Simple booking mask for single and collective bookings
  • Supports all types of Swiss VAT
  • Direct booking of account transactions



PROFFIX Einnahmen-Ausgabenrechnung

Simplicity and clarity characterize the revenue-expenditure calculation. With little accounting knowledge and without much training, the bookkeeping is done. The new PROFFIX module was developed for microenterprises in Switzerland due to the new accounting law (effective as of 01.01.2013). The cash, postal and bank books are easily tracked using the predefined booking types. The balance is shown at any time, which means that the cash register and the account statements of Swiss Post and the bank can be continuously reconciled. In addition, a VAT invoice can also be created and made plausible. Various evaluations give a simple and quick overview of the business figures. The module can be used in many different ways: as a stand-alone solution, in combination with PROFFIX address management or CRM but also as a supplement to financial accounting.

  • Simple and clear booking mask
  • Predefined booking types
  • Supports Swiss VAT



PROFFIX Lohnbuchhaltung

PROFFIX payroll accounting is swissdec-certified and can be seamlessly integrated into the financial accounting of PROFFIX, but can also be used as an independent payroll program. In this module, wages can be easily managed, automate wage runs to a large extent, and generate salary statements and statements with social security funds and offices quickly and according to regulations.

  • Wage type master according to Swissdec certification (formerly SUVA) individually adaptable
  • Electronic creation of salary statements and insurance statements
  • Import of withholding tax rates directly from the Internet
  • Functions of PROFFIX Payroll Accounting (PDF)
  • swissdec is a quality label for Swiss payroll accounting systems and regulates the electronic data exchange of wage data between companies and social security institutions, authorities and institutions.



PROFFIX Benutzerverwaltung

The PROFFIX user administration is by default available to every user free of charge. This allows users to be created and managed. PROFFIX groups and PROFFIX users can be linked to Active Directory (AD) to avoid passwords redundancy.

  • Administration of users including linking to Active Directory (AD)
  • Single Sing-On with Active Directory (AD)
  • Definition of user groups
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